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Folklore has it that angels grant wishes

At Kwige Investments, our angel investors really do make your startup dreams come true. 

Ever had a great start-up idea but not enough capital to make it happen? Heard about startup investors in India, but weren’t sure where to find an angel investor in India who believes in your vision as much as you do?


This is where Kwige comes in. We make the process of funding business ideas seamless. We’ve worked with some really dynamic entrepreneurs with innovative and socially responsible business models, and connected them to seed investors in India looking to make a sound investment. The results? Spectacular

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Let our experienced specialists from top universities like HARVARD Business School, and IIM, step in and help you


Our team of professionals are here to help you prepare all the financial documentation.

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We design and select the best fit for your startup which increases your chances of getting funded.

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At the Kwige ideas’ lab, we’ve come up with unique entrepreneurial models that serve society, are profitable, and don’t require any kind of compromise on the business or the investor. This means visions come to fruition, and capital is gainfully employed. We call ourselves an investment match-maker and we do the job right. 

The start-ups we have collaborated with have been supported by us not just financially and strategically, but we have also incubated them till they were ready to function independently. Our effort has been to ensure that startup investment in India and other countries is accessible, transparent, and easy. 


If you’ve got a vision, we’ve got a start-up investor who can make it happen. Kwige doesn’t charge entrepreneurs anything till something concrete emerges for their business. We’re on a mission to be the leader in start-up investment not just in India, but across the globe. 

We have demystified the complex world of start-up investment in India – you can call it a business investment service for experts and also dummies! This is why many new fledgling and advanced-stage startups have placed their trust in us. Come be a part of the Kwige family! Let's start something spectacular and new.

Prominent Industry Investors

Our investors are a mix of High Net-worth Individuals (HNI), Venture Capitalists (VC), Family Offices, Banks, other successful start-ups, successful entrepreneurs, and large-scale companies. We also have our private sum of equity investment backed by HNIs which acts like an Angel Fund. 


Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

No business is too big or small that Kwige Investments cannot find an investor for. Our bank of investors is happy to invest sums as little as INR 5,00,000 to capital chunks as large as INR 1,000s of millions. Your start-up can be at any stage of its journey, trust us to find the right investor for you. 










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