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Kwige Investments prides itself as a startup consultancy with a difference. Unlike old-school investment firms, Kwige fashions a refreshing new approach to investing in startup companies which is based on responsible best practices, a sense of ideals, and innovative business ideas outside the old paradigm of just software and technology. We aim to make the concept of startup investing very easy and accessible for every entrepreneur and investor. It’s that simple

Founder & CEO

Sanjiv started Kwige Investments after realising there is so much capital out there, waiting to be invested, yet most startups can’t find enough capital to kick-start a great business idea as they don't have an access to it. 

While in school, Sanjiv started investing a paltry few thousand rupees in the share market and realised a fortune. This made Sanjiv aware of his talent in making money multiply. He wasn’t the only one – very soon Sanjiv had several high net-worth individuals pursuing him to help them park their capital in worthy projects. This was the germination of Kwige Investments.

Sanjiv Kumar

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Who we are

Kwige Investments is an investors network that invests in early-stage startups across various sectors & geographies.

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