If you are looking to invest in startups, just fill the contact form and our investment advisors will get in touch with you shortly. Before we begin to show you options to invest in, please note that there will be a stringent background check and a show of proof of funds to safeguard our startups. You will also have to sign an NDA for the purpose of protecting the unique ideas that our entrepreneurs share with you.


After you fill in the application form with all the necessary details, our internal investment  team will contact you within next 48 hrs . We will be making ready all your documentaions ready for raising funding for your startup and will  share them with our bank of investors. If there is a serious investment interest from an investor in your startup, we schedule a one-on-one meeting between you two. 

At this stage, things are quite promising for the start-up, as most investors have a very busy schedule and don't take any unnecessary meetings. If they're meeting you, they're serious about it.


A start-up does not have to pay anything at the time of registration. Once we’re able to connect you to a serious investor, you’ll be charged a nominal meeting handling fee of INR 6,000.​ We also charge a 4% conversion fee as soon as funds from the investor flow into your account.